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Hello, thank you for your interest in SweetReadz Cafe. We want to take a moment to formerly introduce ourselves to you all and let you know who we are, what we do and why we do it. 

Like a great cup of coffee, some herbal tea, a glass of your favorite Merlot, or a quiet candle lit dinner,  we want to be the business that puts your mind at ease. We are a driven, family owned company, who will go hard to help get your name out to the public. With the help of the many media, and social outlets available today, as well as our affiliations with other companies. We will use as many avenues as we can to assist in branding your name and/or product. We want to assist you in informing the world about what it is that you do, who you are and how they can support you. Networking, and cross promotions, are a huge part of the D.S.E. motto. You can be sure we will treat you and your project with the respect and focus it deserves.

SweetReadz Cafe is the creation of CEO - Anthony “TonyWade” Stutts, who created D.S.E. after years of assisting those with goals, drive, and focus to succeed in the music industry. He desired to help those individuals that knew where they wanted to go, but had no plan of action of how to get there, achieve greatness. He took those talented individuals, helped guide, train and gave them a place to showcase their talent in the New England area.

Today, one of the main goals at S.R.C. is to promote, assist and provide exceptional service to you, our client and your project.  We understand that in this economic system we can all use a bit of a financial break. So we strive to provide the services needed, at a price, beneficial to both parties.

Allow S.R.C. to be part of your team dedicated to helping you reach out to more people. Whether you're an author, musician, entrepreneur, or you have an event coming up, we have a package to fit your budget and your needs.


Want to help us spread the word on others in the entertainment and business world? Then check out the About Us  page and see how you can become part of the S.R.C. family, we are ALWAYS looking for people who have like minds when it comes to promotions and networking.

We look forward to working you, and we thank you in advance for the opportunity.

SweetReadz Cafe ~ management